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Rubber has several inherent benefits that have made it a very common flooring choice for commercial and high-traffic areas. Rubber flooring is also making its way into residential interior and…

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How do I clean rubber gym flooring

How do I clean rubber gym flooring?

Tips to clean rubber flooring Rubber flooring is the best flooring option for the gym and for other applications due to its easy-clean properties. In this blog, we will discuss…

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Rubber Flooring Anti-Slip Property Reduces Accidents

Rubber Flooring is the most resilient flooring presently available in the market, its uses are multi-faceted and since it has now been modulated to suit the needs of domestic users…

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Best Rubber Flooring Options for Gym

When choosing the best rubber flooring options for a gym, No matter whether it is a home gym or commercial gym, flooring is one of those that you just cannot…

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Why Rubber Flooring is Best Flooring Option?

Nowadays, people get more conscious about the surface choice for rubber flooring in home gyms and commercial gyms, due to great versatility and durable rubber flooring is always the best…

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Rubber Flooring Tiles-Fab Floorings Inda

Rubber flooring tiles are the best flooring option for any home or business. Fab Floorings India rubber tiles and rubber rolls are designed to be used in home gyms or…

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perfect squat tips

Easy tips to get the perfect squat

Let us know Easy tips to get the perfect squat and techniques for your perfect squat.Squats are probably among the oldest form of exercises being performed the world over by…

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A home gym can also be a play area for kids with the right kind of safety flooring

Home gyms are now a common presence with many people now creating an exercise zone in their houses as the episodes of the COV-19 virus keep increasing and reach pandemic…

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gym flooring over carpet

Can Rubber Gym Flooring Be Installed Over Carpet?

Carpets have been around for centuries or even before that in some prehistoric form like tiger skins or animal hides. A carpet basically is something that you lay on the…

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commercial gym flooring

Commercial Gym Flooring Guide – Buy & Install

Most people rush into creating their dream gyms with great gusto, it could be a commercial venture, a home gym, a garage or even a simple room being converted for…

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