Commercial Gym Flooring Guide – Buy & Install

Most people rush into creating their dream gyms with great gusto, it could be a commercial venture, a home gym, a garage or even a simple room being converted for exercises, they will just figure out right at the very end of their project completion that they forgot about their flooring. Safety flooring needs to be the first and foremost purchase on your list if you are going to be creating a gym of any kind. The importance of it cannot be stated enough and that is why you find so many professionals professing that it is imperative that your gym first has Rubber Flooring in place before you have anything else installed.

Choose what you like but choose safety:

 When it comes to rubber-based flooring for gyms there are quite a few choices, if you have a gym which has quite a lot of heavy equipment then you need to decide on the level of thickness required as lighter equipment can be installed on lesser thickness but heavier equipment requires you to install flooring with higher thickness to withstand any falling equipment or weights, even the sheer grinding pressure from the use of the machines can harm the floor hence the need of higher thickness. If you are installing the flooring over a carpeted area then you need to get in touch with an Interlocking Tiles Manufacturer as this is the only kind of rubber flooring that can be installed on a carpeted area. You do need to have an expert visit and look it over as a thicker carpet would require special handling.

Rubber flooring has a varied range of styles and cuts combined with options, this flooring gives you a rich range of colors and the amount of variations available is just phenomenal. Paper Cut, PVC, Gym Flooring, Rubber Tiles and many more. Gym flooring is specially designed keeping gyms in mind, the needs of a gym vary between the areas that they are operating at and the kind of building the gym is in this characterization of a gym from its placement area and the residing building is what helps experts advise the kind of flooring a gym would need.

Gym Flooring Rubber Rolls Mat & Tiles

These tiles are diamond or v grove in shape and are quite easy to install, some people actually install these tiles on their due to the ease with which these can be placed on a clean stable floor. These tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns which quite literally spoil you for choice.

The king of all these floorings after everything is said and done is Rubber Rolls, these are the latest addition to the family of rubber-based floorings and since their launch last year by Fab Floorings India (FFI) the demand for them has gone up manifold. Rubber Rolls in India are a pretty simple economical solution towards safety flooring in gyms, these rolls cover a large area in single sheets and given their 1mx10m size it comes as no surprise that you can pretty much cover a huge area within a span of a few rolls. There are quite a few color options available and  FFI even offers a “ make your own design & color option”, this unique feature lets you play out your coloring fantasy on the drawing board ( the creation area of the roll) as a result the end product is more of a personal statement than just a flooring in your gym. You can even have something printed on it to advertise your commercial space. The rolls are a fantastic way to jazz up your gym area.

Rooftops gyms in residential complexes and open-air gyms are it in public parks ( like the ones being developed in Delhi over the past few years) or commercial rooftop ones are quite a rage these days. The public seems to be leaning towards working out in fresh air, they want gyms but they also want to work out in a highly oxygenated area rather than being crammed up in four walls with nothing noteworthy to see. Higher oxygen levels are also linked with the feeling of freshness and have also been known to help combat depression along with mental and physical fatigue. Rubber Rolls, interlocking rubber tiles and gym rubber flooring are the best-suited options to install in any kind of open-air gym or work out zone. These floorings can withstand the forces of nature like wind, dust, and rain without breaking a sweat. Most public gyms have a lot of footfall primarily because of the ease of access but even in such conditions rubber rolls and tiles have been known to last for 5 to 7 years without any major wear and tear. The design on these is, however, a slightly debatable topic, the colors chosen are darker or bland as brighter or even lighter colors wither away faster. The thickness of rubber-based floorings in public gyms is usually about 12mm to handle the public footfall and machine grinding that these places endure.

Home gyms, on the other hand, require rubber flooring which are more designer in their outlook, the color patterns, the shape, and the groove cuts should be classy so as to enhance the savvy look of the room after all the gym should look like an extension of your thoughts and should add to the feel of your room making it look comfortable but also set you in the mood to work out at the same time.

Rubber flooring for gyms is economical not in terms of price of purchase but also in terms of durability as it lasts for about 7 to 10 years in a residential setting and 5 to 7 years in a commercial/public setting. The flooring does not require any bleaching or polishing or cleaning liquids/chemicals all it requires is just a soft moist mop run over its surface once in a while. This will keep the flooring clean and free from any crumb falls on its top layer. Rubber-based flooring is the only flooring that can absorb impacts and noise at the same time making it a wise choice. Installing rubber flooring is a task which should be done by experts and you can arrange for one to visit your premises either by getting in touch with a manufacturer or from the retail shop that you purchase it from. Always enquire fro an AMC for your flooring it can add ages to your purchase.