At Fab Floorings India, we offer our buyers with best quality rubber tiles for Kids Play Area Flooring at most competitive prices.

Our floor tiles are very sturdy, flexible, waterproof, hygienic plus easy to maintain. Other optimistic features of rubber flooring tiles comprise strong sound insulation that is similar to some kinds of soft floors. The most remarkable aspect of our rubber tiles is its sturdiness that makes it an appropriate choice for practically any space you could imagine. Inherited flexibility is also pleasant for a long stay as well as standing on the floor.

Rubber flooring is accessible in numerous colors plus surface variation. In fact, we offer our customers with five different color options i.e. black, blue, grey, green and terracotta, featured with three different thicknesses i.e. 10 mm, 15 mm and 20 mm rubber tiles. Adding to that the interlocking tiles are available in 10 mm and 15 mm thickness only, and can be suitable for you when you require more thicknesses and (available on special order only) for our rubber surface items.

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Our rubber floor tiles can suit each area of your home or business premises. Irrespective of your budget or necessities, we can offer a rubber floor tiles to meet each need. While you invest in rubber flooring tiles, we ensure to supply you with a complete fitting guide plus any essential tools; creating fitting each rubber floor tile as simple as likely.

Our rubber flooring tiles are designed as an ever lasting floor covering plus easy to maintain. Each tile has got an inside cut tile significance locking tabs found on all four sides of the tile. We regularly suggest buying 3 - 4% a larger number of tiles than it takes to really cover the coveted region. Slicing of these tiles is done to make it custom fit on your area, and most importantly no cement is required to introduce these interlocking tiles.


What makes our rubber floor tiles more significant to other kinds of floorings?

Durable – Since rubber flooring is notorious for being sturdy plus resilient against components, it is usually used in commercial, high traffic atmospheres.

Versatile – Accessible in a wide diversity of colors, patterns plus textures, rubber flooring is becoming more popular in housing spaces both inside plus out. From replicating marbled stone to speck patterns otherwise natural stone, rubber flooring could complement otherwise contrast a diversity of styles.

Low Maintenance – Rubber flooring tiles resists marks better than natural rubber, and so is easy to maintain. The flooring is easy to mop that creates it even easier to clean as it protects it from wear plus tear and staining.

Water Resistant – Since rubber flooring tiles are nonporous, this creates it resistant to liquid. This creates it perfect for lavatories, as well as laundry rooms.

Decreases Noise – Depending upon the rubber width, rubber flooring could act as a sound barrier among floors.

Non–Toxic plus Fire Resistant – Rubber fight back burns, and furthermore does not release harmful fumes in case of a fire.

Given the numerous benefits of rubber flooring, it is clear why our rubber tiles are used in various areas like public expo show flooring, at doggy day mind offices and puppy stops, child's play rooms, around pools, decks, etc.

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