Dumbbells are probably the most basic but the most famous exercise equipment the world over and are great aid in strength and fitness training. Dumbbells being consice can be added to any workout regimen and safely tucked away in a corner be it a commercial venture or a home gym or even an aerobics workout.


At Fab Floorings we recognize the need of avid dumbbell users to possess the latest and safest dumbbells that technology has to offer. We also realize your need to ensure that your dumbbells are not an eyesore that needs to be hidden under covers but should be an adornment that holds a place of pride in your workout zone adding to the ambience.

Fab Floorings India is among the leading PU Rubber Coated Dumbbells Manufacturers in India with an emphasis on making the dumbbells attractive and safe at the same time thereby giving you the best possible strength training experience. Urethane dumbbells or PU Dumbbells as they are popularly known may see much like rubber to the normal eye but they are much stronger than rubber and therefore the chances of cosmetic damage to the surface are very slim, also the PU surface is more resistant to scratches, chips and marks than a rubber surface. PU dumbbells are also odor free thereby making them a great choice for any workout zone.

PU Rubber Coated Dumbbells are also safe in the sense that if dropped the impact on the floor and on the dumbbell itself is negligible thereby making it the number one choice for any kind of workout establishment. This safety feature comes in really handy when you have a novice training as slips are pretty common during the initial training days.

Fab Flooring India is also among the top Dumbbells Set Manufacturers in India, we manufacture fixed dumbbells along with weight changeable dumbbells with a chrome rod and solid MS iron plate combined with a twin locking feature our dumbbells are the safest gym product you will find in the market.

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