The general population is rather oblivious to the difference between Olympic Barbells and Regular barbells. Olympic barbells are heavier, longer and thicker than regular barbells. In the present day scenario workout zones whether commercial or domestic, usually stock Olympic barbells as they are more durable and long lasting than a regular one and can also hold more weight.

Fab Floorings India are Olympic Bar Manufacturers in Delhi who have championed the essence of creating perfect Olympic Bars which do not buckle or bend under weight, the resultant product is a an amazingly strong steel product that can be used by power lifters , Olympic weight lifters and weight lifters in general.

weight lifting olympic bar

In addition to the finish of the bar Fab Floorings India also ensures that the ‘Knurling’ at the either of the bars is designed according to the customers desired usage rather than a standard design which might not satisfy everyone’s palette.

We endeavor and promise to design and deliver Olympic Weights that has been prepared with a far larger degree of precision than Standard Weights. The key features of our Olympic bars are:

Olympic plates now a days come in a wide diversity of options, for instance, rubber or urethane covered plates can stop rust, noise plus chipping. Grip plates are prepared with integral handles for calmer and safer movement.

Olympic barbells have 2 inch rotating sleeves whereas regular barbells have 1 inch non rotating sleeves. As a result the torque created by plates on Olympic barbells is remarkably reduced giving you a more secure grip thereby reducing the stress on your elbows and wrists. Olympic barbells are considerably heavier and thus the chances of them tipping over when loaded unevenly are considerably low.

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