Fab Floorings India offer EVA Mats, which are made with delicate, yet durable polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetic acid derivation and are normally used in ground surface, makes, sports gear and set outline. These accompany speedy establishment, simple evacuation and remain as the earth neighborly and in addition flexible versatile covers. These adaptable mats can stand firm in substantial footfall while giving padding for joints and muscles. Open with interlocking connectable sides, offered items come in arranged sizes and thicknesses. Demonstrating a hostile to slip design, which gives speedy security for creatures, these EVA Mats are comfortable sheet material interchanges for creatures, especially for stallions.

  • Fitting for stables, creature transporters and walled in areas.
  • Utilized as a part of gym as the preventive crash mats.
  • Water safe, lightweight, hostile to slip surface and hard-wearing.
  • Ideal protection properties, easy to lay and fit to estimate.
  • Available in 10 mm to 100 mm thickness with unlimited color options.
eva mats

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