Easy tips to get the perfect squat

Let us know Easy tips to get the perfect squat and techniques for your perfect squat.Squats are probably among the oldest form of exercises being performed the world over by humans since time immemorial. They have been used by generals to keep their armies fit as a fiddle. They have been used by Shaolin monks to gain strength. Kalaripayattu uses it to train students in the form of martial arts. Warriors used it, wrestlers uses it. Boxers use it in quite a few different ways as shown in the rocky series and almost about every model and celebrity that is out there has done squats to be able to show off their toned lower bodies. Akhadas in India have a tradition to use it, they even have bets to show who among their wrestlers can do 100 freehand squats. To cut a long story short: squats have been a high training endurance exercise for a long time and they will continue to be so as they can be performed with or without weights. You can also perform squats almost anywhere with quite a few variations.

Most people have a perception that squats need to be performed with Olympic barbells stacked with weights in a gym under controlled supervision. Well! That’s pretty messed up, it could be that moderns age social media and advertising has given people a visual setting of squats that they can only perform it like so and there is no other way apart from the way Pehlwaans do it which most people don’t want to do. Squats can, in reality, be performed with many variations sometimes even in your house or a park provided that it is lined with Rubber flooring.

Freehand squats have been slowly creeping up the popularity ladder for the past few years. Since squats are a good way to strengthen your leg and hip muscles combined with your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, it comes as no surprise that most people have made squats a part of their daily jogging, walking, and yoga routines. Squats of the freehand type require you to maintain posture, now saying it is easy but following through with it is pretty tough. Most people make mistakes of posture while performing squats and then dealing with the consequences is pretty expensive and painful, you could end up at physio or a chiropractor clinic for a day or even month. It is always advisable to learn how to do the proper squats from a trained professional and then when you have had enough practice and are learned you can go on your own way.

To perform a perfect squat you need to do the flowing.

  • Get a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Stand with your feet should width apart.
  • Bend your knees bringing your backside closer to the floor. The best result can be gained when you bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and stand back up.
  • You can also learn to do half squats which is where you don’t go all the way down but just enough to feel the stretch in your thighs, hips, and feet but not on your knee.
  • Always remember that your knees should be behind your toes that are they bend so that they move directly over your feet. This helps to protect your knees and back.
  • You can also perform pile squats or as they are popularly known: the feet going outside squat.
  • Always keep your core straight and chest upright.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day and so your body, increase your reps over a period of time possibly begin with five and then gradually you can move on to 10 and 15 and so on.
  • Always try different varieties of squats you can learn some from online videos.

It is always advisable to mix your workouts and keep up the variations to avoid getting monotonous.

Squats with weights are usually performed at gyms or home gyms these are generally learnt under the strict guidance of a coach and have to be performed with utmost care. Squats with weights are an Olympic sport too but that is a more professional kind of setting with a huge quantity of weight which only people who are looking to go ahead in that field should go for. Olympic Weight Lifting Barbells are used to hold weights to perform squats by lifting them on one’s shoulders, but this requires a very refined technique and most people are usually made to perform this maneuver with an empty barbell for many days till you can get the technique and posture right. Some people actually tap out during this phase and coaches can also find out if the person is actually ready to move on to weights during this phase. If you are in your height growing years then it is advised that you do not perform this exercise with weights as it has been known to cause height stoppages. To perform weightlifting squats you need to have a perfect pair of comfortable sports shoes, a gym waist belt, comfortable sweat soaking sportswear and a gymming partner to help you lift and place back the barbell.

  • You also need to maintain correct posture and keep your knees pressing outwards to ease off the pressure and keep them in line with your toes. You will always hear coaches yelling: knees out my friend knees out”
  • You should ensure that your weight is distributed towards your heels; this enables you to have proper balance.
  • Your chest during a squat should always be up and you should be leaning forward or backward but straight, it helps to keep looking forward and straight to avoid leaning.

Most people make the mistake of performing squats on hard surfaces and since this is a full-body core exercise the impact of a hard floor on your bones and lower back not to mention your joints can be devastating.

Rubber Roll Mat which comes in a size of 1mx10m is great to have in your gym, park, or even your home gym/garden. These rolls can take the pressure off your feet and heels as they are shock and impact absorbing and provide a great cushion while you work out. They actually make you feel like you are standing on a soft cushion. Also if you were to throw down your barbell with the weight or the weights itself were to fall the rubber can just absorb the shock, there wouldn’t even be a whisper of a sound and the flooring below the rubber will stay safe. To make sure you get the best quality in rubber rolls and tiles it is best you get in touch with Fab Floorings India they are the first company in India to manufacture rubber rolls and with their expertise in design and installation combined with great customer feedback they are at present the pioneers in this field. To ensure that your squats are hassle-free and comfortable it is essential that you have rubber-based flooring in place as these help n canceling out noise that bounces off walls, keeps your flooring safe, requires minimal cleaning once installed, adds to the ambiance of the place and also keeps you safe from harm and injury. The flooring also helps in prolonging the life of your joints and lower back as the cushion support saves you from wear and tear.