Home Gym Flooring Option

Home Gyms are the hottest trend in 2019 and most of their photos have broken the internet multiple times since 2018. Home gyms have been around for more than 2 decades, but they have gained popularity only recently, this could be in part due to the rising shortage of time that people have been experiencing in India with fast-paced lives and also due to the non-availability of favored time slots at commercial gyms.

Home gyms can be a simple workout zone or an elaborate exercise area combining many other forms of exercise, one can possess either of these depending upon space but more importantly budget. Some people have the fortune of having huge budgets and big homes; this means that their home gyms will also have swimming pools and saunas along with a Jacuzzi to cool down. There are also those who have a small balcony which they fill up with gym equipment that they most need just to be able to stay fit, you could call this a makeshift arrangement. There are still those who combine resources and money to create a home gym in a friend’s house, this could be due to a variety of reasons but it does prove to be economical.
Lately, people with terrace spaces have also been known to convert the space into a gym, with a plastic shed for cover or even permanent roofing to provide the necessary privacy and shade. Whatever the place may be the fact that home gyms are sprouting all over India lends credence to the fact that fitness is now paramount on everyone’s mind regardless of the budget and time constraints.

Most people tend to forget a very important aspect when they build a home gym and that is Gym Flooring, this results in a huge variety of problems which we shall discuss later on in the article. For now, let’s concentrate on another important aspect of fitness which is diet. The home gym population has been found to have a great weakness in their exercise armor and that is diet, the home gym crowd has been found to miss out on breakfast concentrating their efforts on starving themselves and exercising instead. This has lead to a problem with people landing up at doctors with problems like weakness, blood pressure issues, and weight gain or sport weight gain. Doctors could not fathom as to how a person who works out daily and watches what they eat; have serious health issues. Deeper digging led to the conclusion that these exercisers were actually causing themselves more harm than good by exercising on a starving stomach if their last meal took place the previous night and they exercise through the morning having a meal only by noon they have basically spent more than 14 hours hungry. This was leading into a symptom known as war mode, the body basically decides that there is a shortage of food and starts storing fat, but since it is still in starvation the body starts giving signals like lethargy, blood pressure, headaches, pains and restlessness to give you an indication that all is not well inside the temple that houses your brain. Though this habit seems foolish it is still an alarming trend and awareness campaigns are needed to bring about a change.

Breakfast was, is and will remain the most important meal of the day, if you are exercising you need to stack up on proteins that help build muscle fiber, but leaving out fat and carbohydrates is another big NO. Watching actors share their fitness stories on social media might seem a very attractive idea, but it is not at all hunky-dory to follow it. Most celebrities only start onto the heavy course of diet and exercise when they are nearing a shoot or photo-op the rest of the time they are on basic diets and regular exercise regimens, you could say you are being fooled by a publicity stunt that is aimed at showing how glorious the actor is that haven’t had sweets in 10 years. This is actually not true most actors have dieticians who monitor their every meal and if they weren’t having sugar then why do they have cheat days, and if they weren’t having carbohydrates then why do they have mashed potatoes. Also, if they don’t have junk food how is it that you see them enjoying delicacies like ‘gol-gappas’, ’paan’, ‘chole- bhature’ and even ‘kebabs’ on many cities viewing binges? As you can pretty much gather, these are fake publicity garnering stunts that you should not pay heed to. You also need to note that celebrities have a huge team of people guiding their every move and they do not have to go through such stresses like buying groceries, standing in queues, bill payments, waiting for buses and trains along with no breaks or vacations. This allows them to look attractive and stress-free, which is why they can claim to sleep at 7 and wake up at 4 a.m, they don’t need to worry about packing breakfast for kids or giving tadkas to daals.

Coming back to the home gyms concept, when preparing a home gym you need to ensure that you get in touch with a Rubber Flooring Manufacturer in India, the reasons behind this are various and we shall try and cover most of them.

Home Gym Flooring Tiles

If you live in a residential complex you might be on a floor level with people living above or below you, all that noise of you jumping, skipping, and doing various exercises will surely create noise. Heavy equipment can fall and this can not only cause damage to the expensive flooring (which will be a further loss of money if you are in a rented apartment), the ceiling below could also get damaged thus, creating legal trouble. Rubber Flooring has high compression and this helps it absorb any sort of impact from jumps, to squats to even heavy equipment falling down.
: If you own a large house/villa/apartment, chances are you have very costly flooring in your house; rubber flooring which is available in a variety of colors can be installed to add a safety level of flooring to your home gym. Since you can choose and design your own flooring with FAB FLOORINGS INDIA you can create flooring that accentuates the interiors of your exercise zone further.

Most people while exercising have loud music on when you add exercise machines to this the noise pollution and sound vibration effect goes up manifold. Rubber flooring with its noise absorption and canceling capabilities not only absorbs the noise generating from your speakers but it also absorbs the sound bouncing off the walls along with vibration energy that is created by machine usage. This creates a peaceful environment for your neighbors, letting you exercise with all your favorite tracks playing at full bass.

When equipping a home gym it is always advisable to use PU Rubber Coated Dumbbells, these along with rubber weights create a safe workout environment. Rubber-based weights do not have any pungent smell and do not give out clunky noises that metal weights do. So go ahead get that HOME-GYM.