At Fab Floorings India, our Olympic Bars are prepared to handle much larger loads. Even if you load an Olympic Bar by hefty weights, they are prepared to flex below load but would return to the straight forward position. It is the excellence of the steel used in the bar that defines how well a bar keeps its shape.

We offer Olympic Bars derive in a diversity of choices for Power Lifters, Olympic lifting, Weight Lifting as well as even different knurling designs for various exercises. For instance, Olympic Bars are prepared for the Bench Press, are plane in the middle thus the knurling design does not grip your shirt, which might quickly take you out of your “Bench Press Arc” plus defeat your lift. Olympic Bars prepared for the Squat have to knurl in the mid of the bar, this knurling would “grab” your shirt to aid prevent the bar from gliding down your back however squatting.

We ensure to design and deliver Olympic Weights that has been prepared with a far larger degree of precision than Standard Weights. The key features of our Olympic bars are:

  • Available Length: 3', 4', 5', 6' and 7'
  • 4 Different Finishing: Nickle, Chrome, Black, and Stainless Steel
  • 28mm Froning

weight lifting olympic barbell

Olympic plates now a days come in a wide diversity of options, for instance, rubber or urethane covered plates can stop rust, noise plus chipping. Grip plates are prepared with integral handles for calmer and safer movement.

Olympic Bars are prepared with rotating ends or what is mention to as “Sleeves,” to reduce or remove “the torque” on the bar. It is also supportive on exercises wherever your grip requirements to rotate somewhat like the Squat otherwise Dead lift.

Our bars are weightier and thicker on the finishes, which creates them far steadier than Standard Bars. Olympic Bars create it far harder to tip over before the bar is racked as well as you are loading heavy plates, mainly one-side at a time, a need when lifting unaccompanied. You can just add one otherwise even two Olympic Plate/side without the bar tipping. This could not be done by standard plate/bars without the bar tipping above (one plate/side, additional evenly is hugely suggested, even by Olympic Weights just to be extra safe).

We offer best discounts on our products for rec centers and exercise offices of varied types. Possessed by adifferent weight-lifting mentor, we endeavor to deliver a quality item that can give our clients satisfactory results.