5 star rating
This FFI rubber rolls mat is a great item. I was going to purchase an alternate item, however on account of the accommodating client illustrative of FFI and her recommendation I am extremely glad. This item remain set up on my new extravagant floor covering durning my P90X and Insanity exercises while giving me an extraordinary surface to arrive on. I was concerned going with an rubber product that the entire house would possess a scent like it, however it puts off next to no smell.

By – Vivek, Indore

5 star rating
I invested extensive energy in choosing my rubber flooring material. The FFI rubber mat item is superb. Establishment worked out in a good way and I read numerous past audits and observed their introduce tips. The deck layed level after about seven days. I used rug tape on two or three creases and it has functioned admirably. I am cheerful content with this material. Sturdy and extreme. A debt of gratitude is in order for the astounding client assistance and help.

By – Santhosh, Mysore

5 star rating
Introduced FFI rubber rolls flooring in my 5300 square foot individual preparing studio. Establishment done by the experts sent by the organization. I likewise attempted the establishment with them. The hardest piece of the establishment was moving the moves around as they were practically 80kg each (1m x 10m rolls). It was anything but difficult to cut and I just utilized twofold sided cover tape along the outside edges to shield the floor from moving. There was no solid elastic smell by any stretch of the imagination. Client assistance was amazing! Gotten a call affirming the subtleties of my request. Additionally got a call from the nearby conveyance organization to affirm appearance time and area of conveyance. Generally an extraordinary encounter, incredible client care and the item is superb.

By – Abhi, Lucknow

5 star rating
Dear Sir, I am writing to state how charmed I am with the two halls floors you have supplanted. They are totally excellent and have reestablished my confidence in the best quality of workmanship. Pawan has worked vigorously to accomplish this with the best respect for absence of upkeep, pride right now the glad wonderful way consistently. An incredible huge thank you to Pawan and Fab Floorings India.

By – Arnav, Mumbai

5 star rating
I was prescribed by a companion to utilize FFI gym flooring and I have quite recently had a parlor floor laid by them and would prescribe them 100% to anybody requiring gym flooring surface. The know their business. From beginning to end the surveyor and deals staff have been amazingly useful and proficient. The individual who laid my floor named Ajay worked superbly and I can't say thanks to him enough. He was likewise a truly amiable youngster, respectful, neighborly and mindful and he is a brilliant diplomat to his organization.

By – Hemant, Chandigarh

5 star rating
We would energetically prescribe FFI rubber flooring to anybody: We have utilized Fab Floorings India for both purchasing flooring and furthermore introducing the floor. They were phenomenal on the two checks. The floor which they introduced was in a 70 years of age bungalow and the floor was concrete and extremely lopsided. They just requested that we make it plain. From that point onward, FFI had completed it was splendid. . Additionally the expert who introduced the floor was splendid!!!

By – Rajshekhara, Bangaluru

4 star rating
Title – Great Stuffing for Hardwood Floors for Yoga, Elongating, Etc

We had hardwood floors in our studio, and I usage these for yoga underneath my yoga mat, pilates, or just over-all stretching. I wouldn't commend these for anything more persistent than stretching/yoga, as they are not full-thickness mats. However, they work. My boyfriend plus I will perhaps get some thicker mats for usage under our metal frame for Aerial Hammock/Lyra, as you could fall from a bit of a better height with that. However, these are a greatworth for what they are, as well as they work fine for those uses.
I purchased 700 square feet of these elastic moves mats and as publicized they transformed my space into a pleasant exercise zone. I use them for yoga and extending and very fulfilled, just marginally in excess of a commonplace top of the line tangle like you would discover available to be purchased in a yoga studio. Its thick and sweeping enough to be entirely agreeable for couples yoga which IMHO is progressively fun that performance. These mats are absolutely against slide. All things considered glad, much obliged!

By – Rekha Rawat, Uttarakhand

5 star rating
Title – They are pretty high excellence mats

I had marble floor in my house thus I wanted some cushioned flooring in our workup room plus tried these out. They are pretty high excellence mats,and you could tell by the weight of it. The initial rubber smell takes around two weeks toward subside.
I have a room I use for exercises at home, and had recently been utilizing those network locking-tangles on the floor (you know, the brilliant squares that lock together in pieces?) . Heaps of pad, however *not* made for use on hardwood floors as they slid everywhere. Discussion about a precarious situation. In the wake of perusing a huge amount of surveys and looking, I chose this tangle. Gracious. My. Gosh. What a distinct advantage. Non-slip. Great pad. What's more, the best? The 20"x20" tangle is a similar size as my area rug, so when not being used, I have a pretty shag mat to cover it up. In the event that you have hardwood floors and need a non-slip tangle, purchase this!! Very glad. :)

By – Deepak, Hisar

5 star rating
Title – Awesome Product!

The product is an original high-grade commercial plastic that fastens together easily. I have seen the same product in high traffic locker rooms. In precise I have seen it in a ball locker room as well as the YMCA. It is constructed for high traffic. The elevated surface stops my socks from getting wet while I go out there in the a.m. to drink coffee.
Looks great, feels better. For reasons unknown I anticipated that it should be marginally greater than what it truly is-yet that is not a serious deal. I have hardwood floors, live on the third floor....and simply stepping on this I realize it will help decrease sway (in my joints, AND obviously upsetting my neighbors) I am going to take it for a turn tomorrow AM (Insanity Max 30) however I can see and feel the nature of this current month. I will most likely give nearer consideration to estimations next time. Once more, simply my own inclination. The nature of the tangle is A+ , and keeping in mind that the size disturbed me a little, the vast majority would see it as a lot of room. Much appreciated!

By – Amrish, New Delhi

5 star rating
Title – Very Satisfied with your product & services!

This is a decent quality mat. It gives great hold and padding. The mat has a slight rubber smell when new. The smell is scattering in the wake of utilizing it. I am utilizing it since last7 days and now the smell is near gone. A couple of more days and the smell will be no more. I would purchase these mats once more, yet I most likely won't need to in light of the fact that this one appears as though it will keep going forever.
So far I am exceptionally content with this tangle. I'm not over dynamic right now, however I'm hoping to get again into my old exercise schedules. Space requirements in my home have left me with the carport as my solitary home choice. I purchased this tangle so I wouldn't need to do push-ups, crunches, and so on legitimately on the solid.
1m x 10m is a decent size for me. It's a strong tangle, by which I mean it's not intended to be a pad for tumbling or catching, however incredible for shielding gear from cement and ground surface from pretty much everything.

By – Rajiv Bhushan, Raipur, Chhattisgarh


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