Rubber Flooring-Tiles & Rolls

Premium maintainable Rubber Flooring from the best universal labels Fab Floorings SBR/NR reused piece elastic and work arrangement was made utilizing the leading consistency and sturdiness of premium reused elastic as it were from the world’s best brands Bridge Stone, Great Year, and Fenner Dunlop.

Rubber Crumb reduce the rubber waste

Rubber grains are of different in size ,and measurements between 30 and 15mm in our interestingly recyclable strategy.We make bundled in 20,500,and 1-ton bulk bags for bundling.

Fab Flooings India manufacturing reusable rubber crumb for various industries .

Rubber powder size is of different 20 mesh,30 mesh,40 mesh ,80 mesh and 100 mesh .

  • Stickers
  • Section of the car
  • Surface of the Equestrian Sand
  • Garden Mulch
  • Matting Matting
  • Bitumen and Rubberized Asphalt
  • Shock absorption and materials of survival
  • Surfaces for sports and entertainment.

100% Reused Quality Elastic For Negligible Natural Impact

Fab Floorings India made rubber crumb which is benefit to our environment. We used rubber waste like vehicle tyres etc to make rubber crumb.

By reusing this strong and flexible fabric ready to guarantee the fabric doesn’t conclude up in arrival , the fill adversely affects our environment.

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