Can Rubber Gym Flooring Be Installed Over Carpet?

Carpets have been around for centuries or even before that in some prehistoric form like tiger skins or animal hides. A carpet basically is something that you lay on the floor and either sit, walk or sleep on.  The modern carpet is slightly different and is this beautiful ornate item that is a ‘showpiece in itself’ and sometimes holds a pride of place in a lobby, office or hallway. There are also the slightly lighter versions of carpets that are used in places that are located in colder climate areas to line the walking areas followed by the rooms which have full-length carpets with designs from Persia, Arabia, Turkey, Kashmir, and Egypt. The designs are beautiful and are painstakingly created by hand by craftsmen who have been doing this for generations. Some carpets even tell stories and have been handed down from one generation to the other much like properties or wills.

So, you can pretty much understand that carpets are not just some mat that is present in your or someone else’s house which is there to probably keep your feet warm in winters or to be taken out and dusted when you have an occasional get together at home. The carpet to some is a legacy that they proudly behold to the world as a piece of art that has been a piece of pride in their family lineage. Thin carpets which line the hallways of homes and offices are here to enhance ambiance and beauty and are pretty cool in providing insulation during cool weather which is why they are found in cold climate houses all over the world. The Middle eastern houses also have them but it’s primarily because they have Air Conditioners running 24×7 and cold floors aren’t very good for walking on in terms of health.

Carpet Cleaning is a Tedious Nightmare

Quite a few people have home gyms these days and quite a few commercial gyms are still running on the old install a carpet in areas where there are no exercises to be done regime. Both these types of gyms need to get in touch with a Rubber Flooring Manufacturer in India because both can benefit greatly for this flooring and it is not only the establishment but also the user or member that will benefit from it. The reason for this is just the amount of effort and time it takes to clean carpets. Most carpets get dirty pretty soon as usually, people walk on them with their shoes on, carpets also trap a lot of dust and dirt in between their threads and this also leads to a lot of bacteria. Unclean carpets are also a cause of allergies and rashes and with all the dirt they have they also lead to quite a few fevers in small children. To avoid these issues carpets need to be cleaned with vacuums (dry or wet take your pick), these vacuums cost a lot of money and sometimes you require chemicals to be used on the carpets to deep clean them. The chemicals are quite expensive and harmful too.

You can call in professionals to do the carpet cleaning job too or even hand them out to the dry cleaners but the prices for these are exorbitant. When you look through all these factors you have left wonders what you can do to save yourself from the costs and still save your precious carpeting.

Yes, there is an answer.

Now onto the pressing question:  what if the rubber flooring were to be installed on the carpet? Most people are pressed for time and don’t want to wait for the carpet to be removed then the surface cleaned and then have the flooring installed. This also increases the cost of the whole process not to mention the amount of labor involved in the whole process would almost make the installation seem prohibitive. There are two kinds of rubber-based flooring that can be installed over carpets, the first one is Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles. These tiles come in a variety of designs and shapes with a huge option of color choices available, you can even have your wall or curtain colors match with these tiles to make your office, home gym or commercial establishment look classy. Interlocking tiles can just fit above the carpet without any hassles as the interlock feature enables you to lock the tiles together without ripping out the precious carpeting that you so adore. The tiles will not harm your carpeting in any way and will also bring down your cleaning costs, these tiles only require a soft moist mop for cleaning and you don’t have to do that daily either, you can even remove the flooring by unlocking the interlinking locks and vacuum the surface below and place the tiles back.

The other rubber-based flooring that can be used to cover carpets is Rubber Rolls and these are only manufactured by Fab Floorings India. The rolls are 1mx10m in length and thus the alleys and lobbies of any establishment can be covered in an economical way with a single swathe of the roll. This flooring is not only cost-effective it also has noise-absorbing capabilities and the thickness which ranges from 2 mm to 10 mm helps creates a safe area for walking and working out thus making this flooring apt for any kind of establishment be it commercial or residential. The flooring is a favorite among office area which are usually carpeted or tiled and have to be handed back to an owner ‘AS IS” if rented, to do so one needs to install rubber rolls to save themselves from huge costs they would have to pay if the flooring or carpet was damaged. Quite a few homes are carpeted and when you build a home gym safety is of paramount importance this is where rubber-based rolls with their snazzy colors come in handy, they bring a new flavor to your exercise room with their snazzy colors and up the safety quotient putting you in the mood for a superb workout.

In the end, yes you can install rubber flooring over carpeting provided you make the right choice.