At Fab Floorings India, we understand that while building a commercial gym flooring & play area, one requires capitalizing on rubber surfacing for play grounds & gym flooring as it is a crucial element for safety. Being a rubber flooring manufacturing specialist, we offer numerous rubber products that is rubber playground flooring products that protect children from unforeseen incidents and provide fantastic mats for floor defense in day-cares, public parks and play schools, to name some of the maximum rough-and-tumble environments for kids. Our rubber playground surfacing is quite affordable and easy-to-install. Our rubber playground flooring products are elastic, durable and high on comfort regardless of whether they are prepared with natural rubber sap reaped from rubber trees or recycled all-weather rubber tires., Click here...

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gym rubber tiles flooring
gym rubber tiles flooring
gym rubber tiles flooring
gym rubber tiles flooring
gym rubber tiles flooring
gym rubber tiles flooring
gym rubber tiles flooring
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Rubber Floor Tiles

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interlocking rubber flooring tiles
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Gym Rubber Flooring?

Why Gym Rubber Flooring ?

Fitness is no longer a trend but a part of life and healthy living and eating are now akin to breathing. Fab Floorings India is a leading Gym Flooring Manufacturer in India, which has pioneered the manufacturing of safe gym flooring for all kinds of work out zones. Our experts provide rubber gym flooring solutions based on the area being designated for workouts be it domestic, commercial or even outdoors, we also keep the aesthetics in mind and ensure that the flooring solution provided adds to the ambience of the area of installation and puts you in the groove to work out.

The sheer pressure of machines and weights in a gym can cause damage to floorings due to the friction and grinding effect that occurs from constant usage of gym equipment. In order to protect the gym flooring and also to enhance the safety aspect of the work out area Fab Flooring recommends the usage of gym flooring rubber tiles , our tiles are available in V-Groove, Paper-Cut and interlocking styles with a range of vivid color combinations and patters. The usage of rubber flooring amplifies the traction of the floor allowing you to have a safer and high power work out; the flooring can also handle any weight drops and is great for Olympic dead lifts.

Durability and easy maintenance make rubber floor tiles a crucial element for any workout area.

Benefits of Rubber Tiles For Gym

Our gym floorings are designed to keep you safe on your feet doing movement severe exercises. Rubber mat for gym is outstanding for use in sporty surfaces since it derives with a high level of rubbing.

Our rubber flooring for gymnasium areas will provide additional traction to your feet. Our gymnasium rubber flooring is intended with a special surface that improves the natural frictionenhancing capabilities. Anti-slip security is crucial to keep you safe in your fitness center. Pressure is recognized to build up plus cause pain in the feet plus back parts of the body.Gym floor tiles prepared of rubber can upsurge the level of coziness you enjoy during exercising.

Another feature of our gym rubber flooring is its aptitude to absorb vibration plus dampen sound. If you have ever been toa commercial gym, one of the stuff that might strike you is the sound of the place. Even home gymnasiums can be noisy. Rubber extends the vibration of the mechanismthrough the surface of the exercises mats or rubber matting. This will aid keep your gymnasiuma better place to concentrate on your exercise.


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