Safety Rubber Flooring for Pets

‘A Dog is a man’s best friend’; this is an age-old saying that has stood the test of time. Given today’s cut-throat world where trust seems to be great demand but in short supply, you can say that more and more people are turning towards pets for love, affection, and trust. Pets are a darling to anyone who has them, and one takes great care to ensure that their desires’ darling’ gets the best of everything. You even have billionaires leaving their entire fortunes to them, the recent Bollywood movie ‘Entertainment’ is an ode to this trend of love and ‘ De Dana Dan’ showed us how the love of a pet surpasses every other love.

There is a rising trend in the world for luxury care spas, salons, stylists, trainers, and even daycare centers for pets. There was someone in the US who even had a small crocodile for pets. This blog, however, will discuss the flooring for the more domestic-able pets and more docile ones rather than the oddity the tabloids love to report. Pets these days even have personal dieticians, exercise coaches, and assistants; there is even a whole line of pet care products available all over Europe, Asia, and America.

The most common pets are usually cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, but there are also those who keep horses, cows, bulls and even pigs. These animals require special care along with doctor visits. Taking care of dogs is a task in itself, some dogs require constant air conditioner because of the lack of sweat glands and this comes at very exorbitant costs. You can take any of your pets to the numerous pet salons that you see spread across the city and the bill will be upwards of at least a thousand rupees for just basic cutting and cleaning. If you were to look at the food and beds that pets have you will be astonished that most of them cost more than the size of a double bed. Now we are in no way trying to put down anyone by dishing out this information, we are merely trying to bring to light the fact that most people love their pets and money is not an issue when it comes to grooming them or taking care of them. There is however an issue when you are taking care of pets and that is what kind of Safety Flooring to use in order to keep the area clean and also keeps your pets from sliding and keeping their precious paws safe.

Every pet owner knows what it is like to come home and see your wonderful pet running with all their might to pounce on you lovingly and lick your face or just rub themselves against your legs. But when the flooring is hard the pet will: skid a few times, injure their paws and then finally not be able to stop and bang either into a wall or something else which will lead to an injury. This is why you need Rubber Flooring installed for pets. Most doctors recommend that if you are living a single life you should have a pet, pets love you unconditionally and having one lets you have reasons to run home and ward off those lonely thoughts. Pets also keep you busy during hose lonely holiday days and seasons when you have to spend time alone with yourself and this is not a new age thing people have had pets from the stone age and this has been proven.

Coming back to the pets getting injured, you may have got your pets all the shots and vaccines that they require; an injury, however, is not like a disease it can occur any time without a warning. In order to avoid such injuries and to keep them hale and hearty one should ensure that they have rubber-based flooring in place.

Rubber-based flooring has the advantage of being available in a variety of colors that are attractive to some pets and these can also match the interiors of your house or a commercial pet serving enterprise like a kennel. The advantages of this kind of flooring are quite a few and we shall try to detail them out for you:

Pets with paws like dogs and cats have a really hard time walking or running on hard floorings like marble or ceramic, these hard floorings can damage the paw permanently and thus impaling the pet for life. Rubber flooring has a soft texture with a lot of traction, hence when a pet runs on it there is no harm to its paw or legs and there is no risk of your pet going flying off the flooring into a wall.

Rubber Flooring Tiles are great for pets as they do not stain. When you bring in a new pet it takes a lot of time to train them on how to go about doing their daily ROUTINES, during this process the pets will go about doing their business all over the place. Since rubber flooring tiles do not stain you can just clean the little doodles left behind and mop it away with a moist mop without there being any permanent staining, you still do need to use a room spray to clear the smell away. The interlocking tiles are the best version since these can be easily removed to clean the subfloor below. Rubber tiles are also great for your house since they can be designed according to your color needs and specifications. You can also shift these to another place quite easily most domestic users opt for interlocking tiles.

. When faced with large animals like horses and cows you need large areas to house them, this is where the mat and rubber roll versions of rubber flooring step in. These are usually quite big in length and can cover vast areas in a single length/roll. Rubber rolls by Fab Floorings India are usually in a 1m x10m length ratio with 15 percent granules, these can be customized to suit a client’s needs, the biggest factor that makes these rolls a hit is the option to create your own color and thickness. Most horse stables and cowshed use plain colors and rubber rolls can be created to even lighten down the primary colors since these types of large animals do not like a lot of vivid color display especially bulls which need really calm surroundings to keep them in control, rubber rolls are the best option to provide them safety flooring since there needs to be a lot of compression in any flooring that is to be used for these animals to stand on.

Rubber rolls are also scratch-resistant and quite comfortable since large animals usually let out huge quantities of excretion, the staining resistant and easy to clean feature of this flooring really comes in handy. Horse hooves are generally very sensitive and they need to have their legs well-rested before a race, rubber-based flooring gives them that optimum level of rest and cushioning.

So, be a gentle soul and choose a rubber flooring for your pet today.