Rubber weight plates are precisely the similar to strom MS Iron weight plates, however with an additional layer of rubber covering for security, defense, and durability. The rubber coating aids both the weight plate plus the floor to a definite degree, as well as will confirm that the plates are longer lasting as well as harder wearing.

The other highlights of our weight plates are:

  • PU Rubber Coated
  • Strong MS Iron Plate
  • Size: 5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG and 25KG
  • 28mm Froning
  • Best Finishing

PU Coated Solid MS Iron Weight Plates

One step up inside this segment is urethane covered plates. These are usually the same sizes plus shape as rubber plates, though are much sturdier and less susceptible to markings as well as cosmetic harm. In addition to marking less simply, these plates would not mark your floor, walls as well as other apparatus similar rubber plates will. They moreover have the advantage of not off-gassing, which several rubber products do in gymnasium environments making an often nasty smell.

With rubber covered weight plates, it is relatively common to see terms similar “non-standard Olympic plate”. The non-standard Olympic plates are prepared to fit Olympic sized bars, however, have a compacted circumference while compared with a customary Olympic weight plate. The foremost thing which creates a plate non-standard is the existence of grips, which are cut into the plate creating them easier toward lift off the ground, do exercises without a bar plus to place back into the weight rack.

Our exclusive and proprietary developed process permits us to make rubber weight plates that have both a higher tensile strength plus hardness than contestant plates. This is achieved by molding by a harder rubber nearby the core, which stops the hub from splitting and plate wobble over time, plus a softer rubber act as a buffer numbing the blow and sound from the plate while dropped.

In fact, in order to give best to our customers, we offer only premium quality PU Coated Weight Plates. We make sure to opt for ultra-tech hardware in order to assemble these plates and further offer you with plates that are fine wrapped up. Aside from this, we utilize premium quality material in the assembling procedure of these plates in order to guarantee their strength.

Our plates are a hard rubber Olympic weight plate that is intended to be dropped onto a lifting stage. These rubber weightlifting plates offer a protective covering that helps decrease scuffs and damage to floors as well as equipment while dropped similar to Urethane covered barbell plates. If you are associating rubber encased Olympic plates through urethane encased Olympic plates, there are little differences among rubber and urethane you will want to be aware of. First, while rubber could offer similar defensive qualities to floors as well as other equipment like urethane, rubber does not repel cracking as well as peeling similar urethane does. In administered locations wherever the apparatus is cared for also not abused, our rubber weight plates could hold up well for several years. All in all, if you are in search of floor and apparatus protection similar to urethane but do not want to pay urethane charges, our weight rubber plates are a great purchase and must be considered.

Pick the one that interest to you. Tone your shoulder biceps and lift your wellness capacities with these proficient weight plates!


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