Why Rubber Flooring?

Every Rubber Flooring Manufacturer in India is inundated with questions that are all similar in nature and have an underlying question that can be sensed by anyone and that is: why rubber flooring? The answer is another question although arguably one should answer with a long thought out workable response although usually, it starts with: Why not? This leads to a whole new range of counter questions and in this article, we shall attempt to make good on some of the benefits of rubber flooring and hope that it will suffice.

To most domestic users rubber flooring is a fairly new concept but commercial enterprises have been installing and using rubber flooring in various capacities for over a decade. For commercial users, it is the variety, the color variation and the versatility of the flooring that captivates their clients, however, it is the safety aspect of the flooring that takes paramount importance and it is in this area that rubber flooring hits the ball out of the park. You can almost never go wrong with rubber flooring unless you go in for very poor quality of it to save a few bucks.

A new trend for the usage of rubber flooring is in jogging tracks, Rubber Rolls are usually used to create these tracks with a base black color and EPDM granule content of 15%. Rubber Rolls are usually in a length of 1×10 meters, this means that they can cover huge areas with a few lengths this easily makes them the most economical option available out there. Rubber rolls are available in a wide variety of vivid color combinations and some manufacturers like Fab Floorings India also offer a ‘ choose your own color’ option thus, providing you a much larger range of choices within one flooring option. Rubber Rolls are also a favorite for industries due to the length it covers within one roll, this helps industries and factories save a lot of money as employing smaller pieces of floorings for covering large areas does not prove cost-effective. Electric wires lying about from one end to the other is a problem which is quite acute in industrial work areas, rubber-based flooring ensures insulation from these wires and also from electrostatic shocks that occur from machines and light bulb wires hanging about all over the place. Add to this its load-bearing strength which is pegged at 3 tons and you have a flooring that can keep on serving you for ages.

Rubber Flooring has a certain exuberance that no other flooring has; it is a great addition to any home or commercial gym. The thicker the rubber flooring the higher cushioning it provides and in gyms this certainly helps in reducing muscular stress. Many gym-goers practice jumping hoops and kettle jump exercises along with squats and planks. These exercises put a lot of strain on the back, knees, and ankles, prolonged use of these muscle groups on hard flooring can result in swelling and muscle/tendon damage which in some cases becomes incurable. Rubber flooring provides the necessary cushioning that does not send the shock vibration from any exercise back to the core muscle groups; this allows you to work out without any wear and tear taking place to your body. This also enables you to exercise harder and for longer periods of time, as you are less tired leaving you to feel more relaxed and fresh after a work-out giving you that post-workout glow.

Rubber flooring‘s high shock absorption has made it the number one choice for all kinds of gyms and fitness-related establishments. It can withstand thousands of pounds of impacts, those falling dumbbells and metal plates will land with just a whimper and this also keeps the flooring safe. It also helps save equipment from withering away due to constant friction acting as a barrier between the hard flooring below and the machine. Despite its soft cushioning effect rubber flooring can withstand weights up to 3 tons and also a lot of footfall and activity without any ruptures or tears.

For kid’s playschools, classrooms and playgrounds there is only one safety flooring: Rubber Flooring. Many other types of flooring have been tired and have failed to provide the basic requirement for any kid’s area which is safety and impact absorption. It is now accepted the world over that Playground Rubber Flooring is the only flooring that provides the highest safety along with cushioning and shock absorption, thus making it the only choice. In a playground, there are swings and slides and kids tend to push each other from these, the rubber flooring for a kid’s zone is created with a ratio whereby the thickness of the flooring should be able to absorb the shock of a fall from the highest point in the playground. This not only safe but also sensible, there is however no other flooring that can be altered thickness wise to effect such a conclusion. Colors that match the exuberance of a child’s imagination can also be added to rubber-based flooring making the area snazzier for the child to run around and indulge in his or her antics.

Sports surfaces are usually only made from rubber-based flooring as it is the only flooring the guarantees dimensional stability and can withstand high impact activity, like jogging, running, weightlifting,  and Olympic bar loaded drops. It also offers a really good grip for change in direction and provides great safety for body parts. This makes rubber-based flooring especially rubber rolls the number one sports surface choice in the world.

Since rubber flooring is resistant to most staining agents there are very few products that can mar or discolor it. Rubber flooring’s anti-slip properties make it an ideal choice for fashion ramps, access ramps, dance studios, and swimming pools. Off-late many swimming polls have added rubber tiles to increase the safety aspect around a pool, rubber does not allow water to pool on its surface this combines with traction that rubber provides creates a slip-free environment. Even saunas and steam baths along with public shower facilities have employed the use of rubber-based flooring to create a safe atmosphere for all. In terms of ease of maintenance, no other flooring can hold a torch to rubber-based flooring. Rubber flooring requires only a moist mop for cleaning you can almost pick away any crumbs that are on it with the hand; you do not need to spend tons of money on cleaning agents and liquids just a moist water mop can make your rubber floor shine like new. A vacuum now and then also helps in clearing away any stuck dirt and thick particles that a moist mop cannot clear away this makes rubber flooring the most economical option if you add to this that it is always created from recycled rubber and the product in itself can be recycled again, rubber flooring becomes the most eco friendly product available out there. Rubber flooring is available in a variety of formats: mats, tiles, paper cut, and rolls making it quite a versatile option. The interlock rubber tiles are probably the only flooring option available in the world that can be installed by the end-user themselves.