Rubber Flooring Anti-Slip Property Reduces Accidents

Rubber Flooring is the most resilient flooring presently available in the market, its uses are multi-faceted and since it has now been modulated to suit the needs of domestic users more and more people are now switching to this safe form of flooring. Not only is it economical and eco-friendly it is also safe for children and does not mold or give off harmful gases.

Rubber Flooring comes in a variety of formats each of which has a specific client, there is a common element between all the formats and that is safety, most rubber flooring comes in a varied form of thickness, materials, and quality this depends on a client’s needs and also the kind of environment that the floorings are being installed in. The thicker a rubber-based flooring the higher the amount of cushioning it provides this makes standing on it a lovely experience where the ankles, the feet, and knees get a great amount of support to make you feel light.

Almost every gym these days uses rubber Flooring; there are three forms which are famous: rubber tiles, rubber mats, and rubber rolls. A gym can have either of these installed depending upon their budget. Bright and cushiony with a range of great colors adding to the design of the gym the rubber gym flooring makes a great impact in any gym. Gyms have quite a few people walking about doing kettle exercises which requires one to walk with lunges or simply stand and do lunges while holding a weight in both arms, the variations of the exercises differ but the primary action of walking is what we need to focus on. The resultant pressure on the foot as a result of the exercise is immense and a slip or an ankle-twisting is quite common, this slip-on a normal concrete floor could be dangerous and catastrophic. One could actually end up with a serious injury on a slipper hard floor in this sort of an exercise, but if you have rubber flooring in place you can be assured that there can be no slip, rubber has anti-slip properties that can stop any skid or slip instantly saving you from injuries. Rubber also has compression properties this helps when the slip leads to a fall and you have weights in your hands, the compression cushions the impact and absorbs the impact of the falling weight thereby preventing the weight from causing serious harm to anyone, this also protects the flooring.

Anti-Slip in Schools

There is a huge focus on sports at the school level for the school floor these days in India, schools are trying to one-up each other in any sport and the competitiveness is leading to a huge demand for indoor sports arenas in schools. Karate, judo, indoor wrestling(or kushti), gymnastics, badminton, taekwondo, and believe it or not indoor soccer have all become part of the school sports curriculum, some schools have included endurance exercises like yoga, chin-ups, pushups, and planks. All these exercises are aimed at producing the next big champion, but the foremost reason that these are used for: is the development of character, enabling a child to focus their energies on something else but books and help them gain better social interaction. It’s not only books that help someone make a mark in the world and sports champions have proven that they too can be icons who can set examples for people to follow.

In all the above-mentioned sports safety is paramount young students need time to hone their skills and while doing so make mistakes, to avoid any injuries of a serious nature Rubber Roll in India has been a god sent, the rolls can be easily installed using an adhesive and can cover large areas. The rolls have great cushioning and are great for combat sport and for badminton; the compression effect helps to cancel out any impact since rubber can absorb noise including the sound bouncing off walls the sound vibration will not reach the classes going on around the sports arena.  Rubber Rolls are available in a variety of snazzy color combinations this helps brighten up the area promoting a vibrant atmosphere.

Anti Slip in Industries

Industries have a huge requirement for Rubber Flooring due to the serious nature of heavy lifting and machine work that they undertake. Rubber Flooring made for industries can handle weights of up to 5 tons and a minimum of 1 ton, these are usually moved around in machines, the problem that rubber-based weights help solve is the collection of water on normal surfaces, rubber absorbs the water keeping the top surface dry allowing for ease of movement. This quality helps the movement of personnel and equipment without any threat of slips or falls, workers carry huge loads and any moist surface can lead to slips which can result in the loss of lives, not to mention the damage to machinery.

Anti Slip around Swimming Pools

Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles are in high demand for installation around swimming pools, these tiles are not only easily removable using the locks they can easily be moved from one place to another. Slip and fall accidents are usually quite common around swimming pools but after the advent of rubber tiles, these falls have become a thing of the past. Rubber Tiles in higher amounts of thickness have a very high absorption quotient this not helps them absorb all the water pooling on their top but also helps them provide great cushioning for anyone walking over them as we have explained earlier. This absorbing feature keeps the area around the swimming pools dry allowing for anyone to walk or run over the dry tiles without care. Since the use of rubber tiles around swimming pools has begun, people can now walk str8 from a shower to the pool without tiptoeing like they used to.

Other various places Rubber Flooring anti slip reduces accidents

Kids’ playgrounds and playschools always have rubber flooring in place to prevent any mishaps that can occur due to the playful antics that kids indulge in. Kids’ playgrounds whether in the open or in an enclosed area always have rubber flooring because if a child were to fall on a hard floor from the highest swing or slide there could be seriously dangerous consequences. Rubber flooring for playgrounds is designed with a rule that ensures that the thickness of the flooring has to be strong enough to cushion the impact of a fall from the highest point in a playground, this also helps when children run around. Any child play area will ensure that rubber flooring is in place to make sure that when children try to indulge in sliding on the floor; a: it does not happen and b: the child stays safe even if he/she falls.

Rubber flooring also comes in handy in reducing injuries in the open-air gym where people run around on a low jog, or even use skipping ropes, skipping usually leads to slips and is the most common among gyms-related injuries as a result of the foot slipping on a hard floor surface.